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Medication Guidelines
2015- 2016
The following guidelines have been established by the Alabama State Board of Nursing, The Alabama State Board of Education, and Jefferson County Board of Education

1. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE HEALTH ASSESSMENT RECORD: FRONT, BACK, & SIGN IT. We need this information regarding your child’s health, in case of an emergency. Include all medication taken at home and those to be given at school. Please specify home or school as the place it is to be given. If a Food Allergy is noted, we must have a new diet prescription form signed each school year by the physician. List any emergency medication needed, in case of accidental ingestion of the food. Ex: Benadryl, Epi-Pen, etc. This medication must be brought to the Health Room by the parent only, along with a Medication Authorization form signed by parent and physician.

2. A doctor must sign a “School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization” form before any prescription medication can be given at school. Please see the nurse for a form or any details.

3. The “School Medication Prescriber/Parent Authorization” form must be completed by a parent/guardian for over-the-counter medications (OTC) to be given at school. Specific instructions: dosage, time given, and why such medicine is to be given, must be provided. OTC meds have a two- week limit, so if they will need to be given longer, it is necessary to get a physician’s signature.

4. Any medication brought to the school to be given by the nurse must be in the original container.
        We cannot accept medicine in Ziploc bags, envelopes, etc.

5. Students or their siblings are not allowed to transport medication from home to school, or to take their medication home at the end of the school year. Parents/Guardians are responsible for bringing and picking up all prescription and OTC medication to the school. Be aware that cough drops are over-the-counter medicines. Students are not allowed to keep these on their possession.

6. Pills should be counted before the parent/guardian leaves the school grounds and a signature provided.

7. Liquid medication will be measured precisely, so parent/guardian must provide a calibrated medicine cup/syringe. Plastic spoons are unacceptable and cannot be used.

8. Trained school personnel are allowed to treat cuts, scrapes, bug bites, etc. with soap, water, band -aids, and ice bags only. We are under state regulation which does not allow the use of Peroxide or Neosporin, as these are medication. You will need to provide this such treatment at home.

Unauthorized possession, use, or transfer of controlled substances, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications is a Class III Code of Conduct offense (See JefCoEd Code of Conduct Offense).



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